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(Kristian H. Larsen)

Movie: You Only Live Twice (From Russia with Love, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, Never Say Never Again)


Undoubtedly the greatest terrorist mind of the 20th century, Blofeld is the founder of SPECTRE (the Special Executive for Counter-Espionage, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). Since SPECTRE’s conception, Blofeld has mastered many of its schemes and would have directed each to success if not for Bond.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld places fear in the heart of his employees and lets nothing hinder his obsession for world domination or deter his bloodthirsty lust of for power. He is not beyond working for any organization, for a cost, and like SPECTRE, holds no alliances. To Blofeld, people are expendable should they ever fail in their duties.


The base for Blofeld’s operation is a hollowed out volcano amid the islands of Japan. From here Blofeld launches his space-rocket, as well as helicopters – armed to rid him of the more curious mountaineers.

When Bond arranges an attack on the base, Blofeld sets off the volcano’s self-destruct mechanism sending the whole lair up in a plume of smoke and fire.

Dress Code

Blofeld opts for a tan-coloured nehru suit and his righty pinky sports a large gole SPECTRE ring. The “signature” of Blofeld’s appearance is undoubtedly his ever-present, always sinister, white cat. He is believed to extensively use disguises and plastic surgery such as baldness and scars, thus altering his appearance constantly.