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(Henrik Abell)

Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker


Freelance assassin and strongman, standing at over seven foot and heavier than 300lbs, Jaws makes an incredible ally or an unconquerable foe. His height, weight and shear strength means that he is has survived being thrown from a train, driven from a cliff into the roof of a house, had the remains of a Egyptian temple fall around him and even fallen from a plane without a parachute.

Nevertheless, the giant perpetually keeps up with Bond over the course of two missions. His task on both occasions is to assassinate 007 by any means necessary, and despite the arsenal of his billionaire employers behind him, the heroic MI6 officer often outwits him.


The ultimate brawn for hire, Jaws is arguably the most physically menacing man James Bond has faced off against. Far from the intellectual capacity of his mastermind employers, Jaws barely speaks a word unless completely necessary.

He is trained to take orders and carry out his missions unquestionably and without thought for his own life. His metallic teeth come in useful for breaking locks, chains and piercing his victim's arteries.

Jaws has a change of heart when he meets Dolly in Rio. Her simple charm and a convincing word from his archenemy, James Bond, sees Jaws become substantially more placid.