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(Klaus Hjuler)

Movie: Thunderball


A rich but aging playboy type, Largo is a distinctive figure in a crowed casino. As SPECTRE's number two, and their most experienced agent.


Largo is funded by the lucrative SPECTRE, but is in his own right a millionaire with a flare for the extravagant. The villain operates out of his luxury estate Palmyra with two swimming pools (one for the sharks), its own power generator and a maze of underground rooms.

Largo's pride and joy is the Disco Volante - a luxury super-launch with a top speed of no less than 20 knots. The Volante is decked out with spacious cabins, a discreet underwater hatch and a hydrofoil for fast getaways

Dress Code

Largo is tailored in rich open-collar cotton shirts for casual attire or an impeccable white tuxedo for his idealistic nightlife. He supports a black patch over his left eye to hide a wound best left forgotten.