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(Ian Skovsted)

Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun


Francisco Scaramanga, known to the security services simply as “The Man With The Golden Gun”, is an elite assassin – demanding one million dollars per assasination. Highly sought after by crime syndicates all over the world, Scaramanga travels the globe, carefully selecting his ‘hits’.

An intelligent yet arrogant man. Generally polite and used to being in control.


At one million a job, Scaramanga can afford to live the high life, although the nature of his profession means the assassin must keep a low profile. His remote island in Phuket, Thailand proves the ultimate, luxurious hideaway. The multi-million dollar establishment has room for expansive dining rooms, living rooms, art galleries and Scaramanga’s “fun-house” - a maze of mirrors, dummies and spooky sound effects designed to keep the assassin’s eye and gun-arm in practice. The amazing establishment contained it's own self-sufficient solar power plant, run by one technician. Nick Nack served as the cook, waiter and housekeeper.

Dress Code

With immense pride in his appearance, Scaramanga invests in well-tailored suits, often in cream or white tones - offset with a black tie. For the more casual look, Scaramanga opts for a tropical style button-up shirt and plenty of gold jewelry, as a brash reflection of his wealth.