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(Christian Søeborg Kirkedal)

Movie: A View To A Kill


Well spoken and extraordinarily intelligent, but with a sharp temper and a clinical background, Zorin has risen to become a powerful businessman bent on crippling his competition and forming a monopoly. Zorin is the result of a manic Nazi experiment to genetically modify fetuses before birth. Conducted by Dr. Mortner (aka Hans Glaub), the experiment boasted genius-level IQs but with unexpected and disastrous side effects. Manic mood swings and a blood-lust psychopathic tendency leave this villain one of the most dangerously unpredictable Bond has crossed paths with.

While the genetics programme was halted, Zorin struck out in Western business, becoming a ruthless industrialist in the high-powered technology industry. His business dealings are shady, to say the least, and the villain will brutally close a business deal if ever negotiations do not go his way. His wealth is undisputable and associates with a range of businessmen from a variety of countries to gamble on the most unlikely investments - often with outstandingly lucrative consequences. Despite his massive entourage, Zorin harbours a compromising secret - he has been informing on the UK and American governments; passing information to the KGB in exchange for a silent helping hand in business - a large chink in his pride if his associates found out.


Zorin's stud farm is an expansive and ornate estate in France where he and Dr. Carl Mortner breed their elegant race horses. Below the fancy facade are production lines, manufacturing millions of microchips and of course, genetic labs, where Mortner experiments with steroid implants driven by Zorin's microchips - the crooked winning success of Zorin's steeds.

Dress Code

Zorin is often seen in crisp black and white suits, impeccably cut with subtly toned ties. When the occasion calls, Zorin will don top hat and cravat for formal race-days, or tan jockey's pants for a day in the saddle.